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11 Awesome Amazon Perks for Teachers!

What DID teachers do before Amazon Prime? The delivery and streaming service has been coming to our last-minute, lesson-planning rescue for over a decade. But do you know about ALL of the wonderful Amazon discounts for teachers and freebies perfectly suited for educators? Here we’ll tell you about some of them, but first we have bad news and good news!

One of the most common questions we get is the following:

Is there an Amazon Prime Discount for Teachers?

Unfortunately there is currently no direct Amazon Prime discount for teachers. This is in spite of many efforts from educators to get Amazon to offer an education discount on prime.

For example, a petition on seeking an Amazon teacher discount currently has over 600,000 signatures! Unfortunately there has been no luck yet in getting such a discount from Amazon. So, yes we are truly sad to report that there is no formal Amazon Prime Discount for educators. This is the bad news.

However, the good news is that there are a variety of Amazon discounts for teachers, as well as benefits and freebies great for any educator!

Without further ado, here is our list of our recommended Amazon services and products for educators that are either discounted or free.

Our Top 11 Amazon Perks for Teachers

  1. Free Trial to Amazon Prime
  2. Amazon Prime Student
  3. AWS Education
  4. Amazon eBooks for Education
  5. Amazon Inspire
  6. Amazon Business for Education
  7. Amazon Smile
  8. Amazon Audible
  9. Amazon Music Unlimited
  10. Amazon Education Publishing
  11. Amazon Kindle Unlimited

1) Amazon Prime Free Trial

We start our list of the best perks for teachers with Amazon Prime. If you have yet to try this service, the first 30 days of Amazon Prime are entirely free! Get fast free shipping, video streaming, and free music downloads. You can cancel anytime since you are not obligated to maintain the membership.

2) Amazon Prime Student

Are you doing your advanced degree? Do you possess a .edu email? Then you are eligible to get Amazon Prime Student for free for 6 months! After that, the cost is only $49 annually.

3) Amazon Web Service (AWS) Education

Cloud-based learning is becoming essential in schools. With this service educators can receive access to technology, open source content for their courses, resources for training and a whole lot more. Join over 10,000 educators who use AWS Educate here.

4) Amazon eBooks for Education

This is a fantastic program that enables you to share books with students. Rather than purchasing a book for every student, you buy a copy and sync it to the students’ devices. The program gives students immediate access, saves money, and eliminates the need to carry books around.

5) Amazon Inspire

A free service that connects you to thousands of like-minded teachers. It enables teachers to come together and share digital resources. Unfortunately, it looks like this service might be coming to an end after the 2019-2020 school year, but teacher resources will be available until June of 2020. Get on it now while you still can!

6) Amazon Business for Education

Next on our list is one well worth considering if you are involved with making purchases for your school. With Amazon Business for Education you can set up an administrative account for your school and monitor all purchases. Purchases made for your school will be eligible for discounts, tax exemptions, and free shipping on orders over $25. Multiple teachers and school staff can be enrolled to help take advantage of large savings across the school year.

7) Amazon Smile

Next on our list is a great way to fundraise by leveraging the power of Amazon. Register your school to Amazon Smile to receive 0.5% donation for every purchase you make. Teachers associations can also sign up to benefit.

8) Amazon Audible

This is a great service for any educator who loves audiobooks! Take advantage of a free 30 Day trial + 2 free premium audiobooks.

9) Amazon Music Unlimited

Here’s another service that is perfectly suited for any educators. Listen to any song at home, at school or anywhere else! Amazon Music unlimited currently offers an exceptional 3 month trial here.

10) Amazon Education Publishing

If you are a content creator and would like to reach a bigger audience, Amazon Education Publishing could be perfect for you. This service allows you to “Teach the world through your books, videos, and interactive media.” For the entrepreneurially-minded teacher, the sky’s the limit here!

11) Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Last but not least is Amazon Kindle Unlimited.  With this service you can get unlimited reading on any device. Choose from over 1 million ebooks! You also get access to thousands of audiobooks. Whether you are reading for business or pleasure, Amazon Kindle will surely have something for you!

Amazon Teacher Discounts and Perks – Thanks for Reading!

We hope you have enjoyed our list of 11 awesome perks and Amazon discounts for teachers! We hope you can take advantage of some or all these. Let us know in the comments below if we missed anything or if you have any thoughts/questions.

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