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  • Direct Sales as a Side Job for Educators

    Direct Sales as a Side Job for Educators

    With a variety of products and low startup costs, Direct Sales can seem appealing as an extra source of income for educators. With stints of “time off” throughout the year, a teacher may have more time to invest than other working adults, but is the time really worth it? What exactly is Direct Sales? Direct […] More

  • The Real Cost of Higher Education for Teachers
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    The Real Cost of Higher Education for Teachers

    According to the No Child Left Behind act and Common Core, public school teachers in grades pre-k through twelfth must have a teaching certification—typically the result of an undergrad teaching degree—and must partake in continuing education, earning a set amount of credits or hours per licensing timeframe. Continuing education can take a variety of forms, […] More

  • 8 Top Grants for STEM Teachers
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    8 Top Grants for STEM Teachers

    Although everyone understands the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the classroom, the cost involved with being a STEM teacher makes many question its benefits. There’s expensive lab equipment. There are chemicals, tools, and supplies. Then there’s the cost of continuing education and professional development, important in all educational disciplines, but especially […] More

  • Teacher Side Hustle

    Every Teacher Should Know About This Side Hustle

    So you’re a teacher and you spend tons of time pouring over lesson plans, activities, and resources for the young minds you’re teaching. Whether you’re the super creative who does this daily or an occasional designer of a worksheet here or there, you have the potential to make some side money. How you may be […] More

  • Teach Test Prep

    Make Standardized Testing Work for You

    Teachers: Consider Picking Up Another Class Wait! Don’t click away just yet. I’ll give you a moment to wipe up the coffee you just spewed onto your computer screen. I know, I know. The only reason you’re reading this post is to distract yourself from the stack of ungraded papers on the desk next to […] More

  • 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success - Gina Horkey Interview

    Educators: 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success? Interview with Gina Horkey

    We are excited to announce that going forward we will be featuring regular interviews with financially savvy educators and other awesome personalities.  It is our hope that these interviews will serve as motivation and inspiration for you!   To kick things off, we share our interview with Gina Horkey, freelancer extraordinaire and creator of  “30 Days or […] More

  • Educator writers wanted!

    Educators: Write for The Moneywise Teacher!

    Writers wanted! The Moneywise Teacher was recently founded with the aim of becoming the go-to resource for educators on all things money.  We seek to regularly publish highly useful content that helps educators make and save more money! Beyond providing tips, strategies, and general financial education, we hope to help educators be able to better teach money skills. That said, if […] More

  • Udemy for Teachers

    Make Money on Udemy: An Amazing Opportunity for Teachers

    Udemy offers a truly exceptional opportunity for instructors.  In short, you can make money on Udemy by creating on demand online courses on anything imaginable. Put together and teach your course once; If it’s well-received and otherwise successful you can get paid for that class again and again! Here is more about Udemy from their […] More