Write for Us - Teachers & Guest Bloggers!

Write for Us - Teachers & Guest Bloggers!

The Moneywise Teacher seeks to be the premier online resource for educators on all things money. We welcome guest posts from frugally-minded educators and others who have a sincere desire to help us help teachers!  Want to write for us?  Read on.

We are looking for both guest bloggers and regular contributors on just about every topic relating to educators and money.  However, we do have some rules:

Be Original

First and foremost, guest posts should be 100% original and not published anywhere else.

Write with Educators in Mind

Our audience is primarily teachers and other educators.  When putting together your article, please consider how what you are writing about can help educators or otherwise relates to them.

Have Fun

Money is a serious matter.  However, we want our readers to enjoy themselves while they are here!

That said, please have some fun with your posts. Inject a bit of the goofy side of your personality into them!

Of course, certain topics might not be conducive to a ‘fun’ style.  It might be hard, for example, to write a ‘fun’ post about burial insurance….

If you must write in an entirely serious tone, by all means do so.  On the other hand, if there is room for a bit of levity please do have some fun when you write!

No Spam

Please do not go overboard with multiple links to your own site or products. Keep in mind that your article will include a bio section where you can include a link back to your own site.

No Politics or R-Rated Content

Just stating the obvious here.  Do not bother sending in anything political or that would not be suitable for someone under the age of 18.  The Moneywise Teacher is a family-friendly site!


Again, this should be obvious.  We do not have the time or energy to proofread unpolished articles.

Ready to Write for Us?

If you can agree to the above rules, please submit a bit about yourself as well as a topic proposal to guestpost@moneywiseteacher.com.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you!