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Educators: Write for The Moneywise Teacher!

Educator writers wanted!

Writers wanted!

The Moneywise Teacher was recently founded with the aim of becoming the go-to resource for educators on all things money.  We seek to regularly publish highly useful content that helps educators make and save more money! Beyond providing tips, strategies, and general financial education, we hope to help educators be able to better teach money skills.

That said, if you would like to write for us while helping educators, we’d love to help YOU make a bit more money.   We are hoping to publish articles from passionate and dedicated educator writers on anything related to both educators and money.   Here are a few sample themes we are looking for articles on:

  • Unique ways for educators to make or save more money
  • Great activities, games, toys, etc. for teaching money to kids (or adults!)
  • Educator discount programs
  • Great financial programs for educators – loans, bank accounts, credit cards, etc.
  • Technology/software/apps that can help educators make, save or teach money
  • Anything else related to both educators and money!

For more info or to apply, please visit our write for us page HERE.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Written by Beau Mueller

Beau is a teacher, entrepreneur and the founder of The Moneywise Teacher! He started this website to help educators make and save more money.

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