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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016: Monetize Your Passion!

Introduction – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

I think you will agree that most teachers deserve to make more money?

This website would not exist had I not found Wealthy Affiliate. It is my highest recommended program for teachers who want to make extra money online (really, it is recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online).

The education, tools and support offered at the Wealthy Affiliate University are simply the best offered on the Internet. However, it is not for everyone and I encourage you to read my candid Wealthy Affiliate review for 2016 (and beyond!) that follows.

Wealthy Affiliate review for Teachers
One of my classes in Japan. I was happy but poor!

When I was teaching English in Japan I had some extra time on my hands, needed to supplement my income (sushi and karaoke added up!) and started to research ways to make some extra money online. I hate to admit it, but I fell for a handful of the many get rich quick schemes on the web. I am not proud to say that I spent over $3000 on these programs, with very little (if anything) to show. Well, other than the credit card debt, resentment and terrible experiences. These programs did teach me what not to fall for online, so I suppose I should be thankful for that!

Truly, wisdom is experience. I don’t pretend to be a wise person, but at least my bad experiences online can benefit others. At least I now know what works and what doesn’t work. Wealthy Affiliate has worked for me, and if you are motivated and have an entrepreneurial spirit, I think that it can definitely work for you too.

In short, Wealthy Affiliate has given me the tools and knowledge I have needed to succeed.  Since joining, it has allowed me to go from being a poor and underpaid ESL teacher in Japan to being able to make my own hours while earning an exciting residual income.  All while leveraging my passion for teaching and influencing others!

So, what is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate (WA) University is an online business community and marketing training resource. It is NOT a get rich quick scheme, and does not offer an easy system to riches. If you are looking for that (or are a masochist), I can share with you some of the other programs I fell for!

Kidding aside, I would describe WA as an educational platform, technical resource and a HUGELY supportive community. It is an ideal program for a teachers (or anyone new to trying to make money online) who is willing to put in the time to learn and to work. Wealthy Affiliate will give you all of the tools, training and support you will ever need to supplement your salary by starting an affiliate marketing business online.

Wealthy Affiliate Review - Free Starter Membership

What exactly do you get?

You do not need to pay anything to give Wealthy Affiliate a try. The free “Starter” membership gives you everything you need to get started.  Check out the Wealthy Affiliate 2016 breakdown below:

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

Give the Starter Membership a Try

As you can see, there are two membership levels – “Starter” and “Premium”.  Again, the Starter membership gives you everything you need to get started.  Among the features of the Starter membership:

  • Access to 3 “classrooms” with over 500 training modules – Wealthy Affiliate offers the best training on the internet when it comes to learning how to make money online.  Their interactive modules will immediately get you engaged and will hold you accountable.  If you participate in the classroom trainings you will get hooked and will learn a lot!  I can’t say enough good things about the step-by-step trainings and video walk-throughs.
  • 7 days of live support from the owners – Get help directly from the founders of Wealthy Affiliate for the first 7 days and from the MANY helpful and engaged community members (there are currently over 400,000 members).  I am consistently blown away by how active the community on the site is.  If you have a specific question, it will usually be answered within a few minutes.  I will also personally help you in any way I can.
  • 2 free websites with free hosting – This is a super valuable feature that cannot be overstated.  If you were to pay for this you would be looking at somewhere between a $75 – $150/year cost.  With Wealthy Affiliate you get the websites and hosting for free!
  • More great stuff – including 30 searches of their “keyword research tool” that will be tremendously valuable when you learn about how to identify and serve your niche.
Click HERE to Claim your Free Starter Membership Today!

Is Wealthy Affiliate for You?

Truly, Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. It will teach how to BUILD and MARKET a part-time online affiliate business. If you do not have the time or are unwilling to put in the effort, than it is probably not for you. However (speaking from experience) I believe that any motivated educator or person wanting to supplement their income would have (or could make) the time to make this work for them.

You may be wondering why you should start an online business? If you are going to start a new business, why not open a bricks and mortar shop of some sort?

Well, the biggest difference in starting an online business is that you do not need any money to get started. When I started working part-time on my business online from Japan I was very close to being tapped out financially. I was truly living paycheck to paycheck and was carrying a lot of debt as well. There’s no way I would have been able to come up with the start-up capital to start a traditional business.

The Verdict – Wealthy Affiliate is Great For Anyone

See my summary 2016 wealthy affiliate review below with star ratings and a summary recommendation.  I hope you will give Wealthy Affiliate a try. I think anyone (educators included) who wants to make extra money online would benefit from Wealthy Affiliate in 2016 and beyond!

Moreover, I think teachers are particularly well suited to starting an affiliate business online. Affiliate marketing is really about educating and influencing people in (hopefully!) positive ways. Truly, it can be a great way to put your skill set to good use to help others, and make yourself more money in the process! Sign up for your free “starter” membership today!

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