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Why is Teaching Rewarding and Challenging?

Why is Teaching Rewarding and Challenging?

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, teaching was a highly challenging career choice. Yet, every year thousands of new teachers enter the profession, embracing both the rewards and challenges that come with it. Here are just some of the reasons why teaching can be both rewarding and challenging. Reward: Watching Students Grow and Learn By…

Best Classroom Projectors

The 8 Best Classroom Projectors of 2020

Projectors are one of the most-used and most-versatile tools in the classroom. From showing movies and PowerPoint slides to using interactive software, there are endless possibilities for all grade levels. If you’re looking for the right projector for you classroom, look no further than our list of eight of the best classroom projectors. These projectors…

Best Classroom Book Bins

6 of the Very Best Classroom Book Bins!

Whether you’re a daycare, elementary school, or secondary school teacher, chances are you have books and binders that need to be organized. Big, colorful book bins have long been a standard in classrooms everywhere. But how do you find quality bins that won’t break or bend when subjected to daily use by careless students? Fortunately,…