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  • Why Are Schools Underfunded?
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    Why Are Schools Underfunded?

    Major gaps in public school funding lead to a disproportionate amount of schools being underfunded. According to The Century Foundation, schools in the United States are underfunded by almost $150 billion each year. These gaps in funding jeopardize student learning and lead to a lack of educational resources needed to give students an adequate educational […] More

  • What Are the Pros and Cons of Teacher Unions?
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    What Are the Pros and Cons of Teacher Unions?

    Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world.  An average teacher will take care of 15-40 students at a time while pulling 60-70 hour weeks.  Teachers are pushed around by students, administrators, and even parents, especially in today’s climate.  This has made teaching a grueling position and without the proper support, schools […] More

  • What Are the Different Types of Teachers in High School?

    13 Different Types of Teachers in High School

    High school is often like visiting another planet that is filled with alien beings, also known as teachers. However, everyone’s time at Planet High School is memorable, and many of those memories are of the teachers. Some of those teachers are another brick in the wall as Pink Floyd once said; while others are an […] More

  • What Is the Difference Between a School Counselor and a School Psychologist?
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    School Counselor vs. School Psychologist: What’s the Difference?

    In elementary schools, school counselors and psychologists work to help students achieve academic goals while maintaining optimal mental health and emotional wellbeing. But what is the difference between a school counselor and a school psychologist? School counselors are licensed and certified educators who design guidance and counseling programs to increase academic performance for all students. […] More

  • Pros and Cons of Year-Round School
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    Weighing the Pros and Cons of Year-Round School

    Many schools throughout the United States are beginning to consider switching to a year-round style of education, and some have already made the transition. In this approach, students attend school for the same number of days as the traditional school year, but instead of having a long summer break, there are a set of breaks […] More

  • Why Do Teachers Hate Wikipedia?
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    Why Do Teachers Hate Wikipedia?

    You worked so hard on that research project, just to find out that you’ve got points taken off your grade for using Wikipedia. Has this ever happened to you? Why do teachers hate Wikipedia with what seems like a burning passion?  In general, Wikipedia is not a good source for citations or reliable information. For […] More

  • How Do Teacher Salary Steps/Lanes Work?
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    How Do Teacher Salary Steps/Lanes Work?

    Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. A teacher often goes above and beyond for their students to make sure they are getting the very best education that they can provide.  However, if you are making a move into the education field, you might be wondering, “How do the teacher salary […] More

  • How Do Homeschoolers Graduate?
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    How Do Homeschoolers Graduate?

    I’ve almost completed my first year of homeschooling my 5-year-old. It was very challenging and, yet, I’m considering homeschooling my 8-year-old next year as well. As I look into the homeschool future of both my children, I can’t help but wonder how do homeschoolers graduate? The most important thing you need to know is the […] More

  • How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends

    How Do Homeschoolers Make Friends?

    This year I started homeschooling my special needs son. The one thing he struggles with the most is what he needs to experience the most – socialization. Yet it wasn’t working for him at school, and I found myself getting called to pick him up early almost every day. After several weeks of calls, I […] More

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