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  • Verizon Teacher Discount
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    Maximizing the Verizon Teacher Discount Program

    Verizon offers internet, TV, and phone services. This is an important resource for schools, as every day technology plays a bigger part in the classroom and the learning process. School staff should know their options in order to be more effective in their work, both at school and at home. That said, we are often […] More

  • The Real Cost of Higher Education for Teachers
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    The Real Cost of Higher Education for Teachers

    According to the No Child Left Behind act and Common Core, public school teachers in grades pre-k through twelfth must have a teaching certification—typically the result of an undergrad teaching degree—and must partake in continuing education, earning a set amount of credits or hours per licensing timeframe. Continuing education can take a variety of forms, […] More

  • 8 Top Grants for STEM Teachers

    8 Top Grants for STEM Teachers

    Although everyone understands the importance of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education in the classroom, the cost involved with being a STEM teacher makes many question its benefits. There’s expensive lab equipment. There are chemicals, tools, and supplies. Then there’s the cost of continuing education and professional development, important in all educational disciplines, but especially […] More

  • How to Stop Spending So Much Money on Classroom Supplies
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    Teachers: Spend Less Of Your Own Money on Classroom Supplies with These 7 Tips

    Across the nation, teachers spend more than $1 billion of personal money on classroom supplies each year. From hand sanitizer to keep germs down and kids healthy to crayons that replace the classroom’s initial stock, 80 percent of teachers say that they invest their own money primarily because of school’s limited budgets, which often receive […] More

  • 7 Money Myths Kids Believe & How to Correct Them
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    7 Money Myths Kids Believe & How to Correct Them

    In modern society, cash is no longer king. With debit cards in every wallet, companies paying with direct deposit, and people taking advantage of online banking, it’s no wonder kids today don’t have a clear understanding of money. With our current digital economy, many people no longer carry cash, opting to use debit or credit […] More