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Maximizing the Verizon Teacher Discount Program

Verizon Teacher Discount

Verizon offers internet, TV, and phone services. This is an important resource for schools, as every day technology plays a bigger part in the classroom and the learning process. School staff should know their options in order to be more effective in their work, both at school and at home. That said, we are often asked if there is a Verizon teacher discount. Read on to learn more!

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Does Verizon Have a Teacher Discount?

Yes! This discount is available to education employees, service members, veterans and first responders.

Educators may receive 20% off on their monthly bill once they are verified by following these steps here.

Visit the Verizon site if you have any further questions about discount eligibility. You will depend on your employer for this discount, but if available to you it is a great resource.

Verizon Teacher Discount

YES, Verizon DOES offer a dedicated discount program for qualified teachers (up to 20% off) on different plans. See the details and take next steps:

Get Started HERE
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How to Get your Verizon Teacher Discount

Note: you no longer need to verify that your educational institution has a contract with Verizon!

The NEW steps are as follows:

  1. Go to this special Verizon information page for educators.
  2. Follow the steps to verify via
  3. Once verified, return to the Verizon plan page here.
  4. Review their discount pricing and select your plan.

Plans with Eligible Discounts

Verizon offers the follow “talk” plans as of this update (April, 2024) which are eligible for the teacher discount:

  • 1 Line: $50/line Unlimited Ultimate OR $40/line Unlimited Plus OR $25/line Unlimited Welcome
  • 2 Lines: $56.67/line Unlimited Ultimate OR $46.67/line Unlimited Plus OR $31.67/line Unlimited Welcome
  • 3 Lines: $67.50/line Unlimited Ultimate OR $57.50/line Unlimited Plus OR $42.50/line Unlimited Welcome
  • 4 Lines: $80/line Unlimited Ultimate OR $70/line Unlimited Plus OR $55/line Unlimited Welcome

Our Top Recommended Verizon Deals for Educators:

  1. Get a free phone. No trade in required.
  2. Prepaid – get $60 back when you switch to Verizon. Plus, waived activation fee.

Verizon Education Discount – More Recommendations

Verizon has a discount program, where you activate 5 new lines of wireless service and receive benefits in the form of discounts with other companies Verizon partners with. Customers that are eligible for this discount receive 25% off of selected services and 8% off of fees. Verizon partners with companies such as Chase, Office Depot and FedEx.

Before shopping or deciding on a purchase, make sure to speak with an employee or visit the Verizon website to make sure you’re getting the best price.

Unfortunately, Verizon does not have a coupon or weekly ads section in their website. However, shoppers can still find plenty of discount codes from reputable sites such as Groupon, an online marketplace where companies partner with the site to post offers and coupons.

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