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    Under Armour Teacher Discount (Save 20%)

    Looking for details on how to get the Under Armour teacher discount? You are in the right place! In this post I’ll share I’ll the right info you need to get qualified for the Under Amour educator discount (and some other ways for teachers to save). Does Under Armour Have a Teacher Discount Program? Yes, […] More

  • 20 Clothing Discounts for Teachers
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    25 Best Clothing Discounts for Teachers!

    Appropriate clothing for teaching is a necessity, but it’s yet another expense that educators have to pay for out of pocket. There’s also the matter of clothing for working out, relaxing, and hanging out with your family. Fortunately, a number of retailers offer discounts on clothing, either online or in-store. Most retailers require a proof […] More

  • Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classroom Use
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    Best Bluetooth Speakers for Classroom Use – 2022 Review & Buyer’s Guide

    Remember the days of connecting big, clunky speakers to your computer with wires? The wires were always getting tangled, and the speakers took up so much space on your desk! Thankfully, teachers have many small but powerful wireless options for speakers in their classrooms today. New innovations in technology mean that Bluetooth speakers are inexpensive […] More

  • Best Classroom Projectors
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    The 6 Best Classroom Projectors of 2022

    Projectors are one of the most-used and most-versatile tools in the classroom. There are endless possibilities for all grade levels, from showing movies and PowerPoint slides to interactive software.. If you’re looking for the right projector for you classroom, look no further than our comprehensive list of six of the best classroom projectors. These projectors […] More

  • best software for teaching online
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    The 8 Best Software Programs for Online Teaching in 2021

    With the ongoing global pandemic, many teachers have suddenly found themselves teaching online for the first time. They’ve also found themselves inundated with ads for various online teaching software, totally overwhelmed by all the platforms, apps, and websites available to them. How do you choose from a never-ending list of software? How do you sift […] More

  • Why is Teaching Rewarding and Challenging?
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    Why is Teaching Rewarding and Challenging?

    Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, teaching was a highly challenging career choice. Yet, every year thousands of new teachers enter the profession, embracing both the rewards and challenges that come with it. Here are just some of the reasons why teaching can be both rewarding and challenging. Reward: Watching Students Grow and Learn By […] More

  • The Pros and Cons of Teaching English
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    The Pros and Cons of Being an English Teacher

    Teachers have always been underappreciated and underpaid. Whether you teach preschool or high school, chances are you spend overtime hours planning for your instructional time, yet you likely never get paid overtime. You probably have to purchase materials with your own money as well. Let’s not forget the increasing responsibilities that come with standardized testing, […] More

  • Oregon Scientfic Smart Globe Review
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    Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Guide

    Globes have always been a fixture in classrooms across America, both to teach geography and as decoration. Who doesn’t remember finding various countries on a colorful classroom globe? Today’s most educational globes, however, use modern technology to bring to life geography, language, and culture in ways we never could have dream of in elementary school. […] More

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