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  • Why Do Schools Spend So Much on Sports?
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    Why Do Schools Spend So Much on Sports?

    Each year, school districts across the country submit their school budgets for their community members to approve. This is often a largely debated event, as community members question each proposed allotment and why these decisions are being made. Many members are surprised to see how much money is allotted to sports programs and the question […] More

  • Can Teachers Give Students Money?
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    Can Teachers Give Students Money?

    We all know that a teacher’s job extends far beyond the classroom. They form bonds with their students and what to see them succeed in all areas of life. In the classroom, teachers need to be creative with how they motivate their students. At a certain age, candy bars and pizza parties tend to lose […] More

  • Best Classroom Speakers
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    7 of the Best Classroom Speakers in 2021

    Are you searching for high-quality speakers to use in your classroom? Read on for our review of what 7 of the best classroom speakers have to offer! [Please note that we might share a small portion of the sales from the links on this page. We only share products that we love and that have […] More

  • Best Teacher Backpacks - Review & Buyers Guide
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    Best Teacher Backpacks 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

    As a teacher, you need to move from your home to the classroom with a full load of papers, textbooks, your computer, other personal electronic devices, and maybe even your lunch. Having the right backpack is essential to making this daily reality as stress-free as possible. Here we have put together a list of some […] More

  • When do Teachers get Paid?
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    When do Teachers get Paid? It Depends…

    Checking your bank account on payday feels good. Whether it’s once a month, once every couple weeks, or when a project is finished, it just feels good to see a bump in your bank account. So when do teachers get paid? It depends. There aren’t uniform or federal standards for the occupation. Teachers might get […] More

  • Do Teachers Get Paid Maternity Leave?
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    Do Teachers Get Paid Maternity Leave?

    It goes without saying that teachers have a unique set of gifts and skills that would make excellent parents. The teacher’s schedule is ideal for raising kids when they reach school age, but when a teacher decides to start or grow their family, they will want plenty of time to recover and bond with their […] More

  • What Do Educational Assistants Do?
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    What do Educational Assistants Do?

    Schools are made up of hard working individuals that have a variety of roles to help meet the needs of all students.  These employers range from the caring bus driver focused on making sure students arrive at the school safely; to the teacher working extra hours to help her students succeed.  Have you ever wondered, […] More

  • When Should a Teacher Retire?
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    When Should a Teacher Retire?

    Retiring is a personal choice for everyone; do you want to retire early to enjoy life but outlive your savings and benefits or retire late but miss out on life? It is a compromise, especially when it comes to teachers. So, the question is, when should a teacher retire? When you retire depends on many […] More

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