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  • Are Teachers Considered Civil Servants?
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    Are Teachers Civil Servants? An In-Depth Look

    When considering the requirements of becoming a teacher in your state, you’ve probably wondered: “are teachers civil servants?” Yes. All public school teachers are considered civil servants because they are paid by taxpayers and work in the public sector. Teachers become civil servants after they are licensed by the state they are teaching in and […] More

  • Will Teachers Make More Money in the Future?
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    Will Teachers Make More Money in the Future?

    As a new teacher just looking for your first school placement, or as a veteran teacher unhappy with your salary, you’ve probably wondered at some point “will teachers make more money in the future?” As it stands, teachers in the United States can expect to earn an average of $61,730 every year — depending on […] More

  • Do Teachers Get Student Loan Forgiveness?
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    Do Teachers Get Student Loan Forgiveness?

    Whether you’re an undergraduate student just earning your degree in education, or a teacher who might be looking into options to pay back their student loans, you’ve probably found yourself wondering, do teachers get student loan forgiveness? Many teachers are eligible for student loan forgiveness, but it depends on a few different factors. If you […] More

  • Do Teachers Get Drug Tested?
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    Do Teachers Get Drug Tested?

    If you’re a new teacher who just graduated and you’re looking for your first permanent placement at a school, or if you’re looking for a new teaching job, you might be wondering, do teachers get drug tested? At the moment, many school districts do not require their teachers to get drug tested, but it depends […] More