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Will Teachers Make More Money in the Future?

Will Teachers Make More Money in the Future?

As a new teacher just looking for your first school placement, or as a veteran teacher unhappy with your salary, you’ve probably wondered at some point “will teachers make more money in the future?”

As it stands, teachers in the United States can expect to earn an average of $61,730 every year — depending on factors like location and the kind of teacher you are. In general, teachers in many states can expect to earn at least a slight yearly raise in their salaries, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, teachers in the entire country are expected to earn less on average in the coming years.

Want to know more about teacher salaries? Curious about where teachers make the most money? Keep reading to learn if teachers will make more money in the future!

Will Teachers Make More Money in the Future?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many school districts are cutting teacher salaries to help save money. In the short-term, this means that teachers will make less money. In the long term, however, the long-lasting implications of the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to increased opportunities for teachers no matter the state you teach in.

The short-term prospects for teachers, unfortunately, are rather poor. With states like Hawaii proposing a 20% cut to teacher salaries, and states like Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee stopping raises for teachers, it may seem like a bad time to become a teacher. While teachers are likely to continue to make less over the next couple of years, they should expect to see their salaries increase as the need for more specialized knowledge increases.

Since Covid-19 has forced the need for social distancing and remote learning in public schools all across the United States, technology is becoming increasingly integrated into classrooms. Teachers who are well-equipped to use and understand new technology in their classrooms will be extremely valuable to their school districts, who might even be willing to increase their pay because of their expertise.

The best way to make sure you can continue to make a good salary as a teacher is to stay ahead-of-the-curve and familiarize yourself with the latest changes coming to your classroom and school district at large. Switching to a new communication platform for remote students and changing your entire pedagogy to work remotely can be hugely detrimental to classrooms with teachers who are not equipped to use the newest technology.

Do your research and prepare for the changes to come to make sure you can continue to make money in the future as a public school teacher!

Where Is the Best Place to Be a Teacher? Where Do They Make the Most Money?

The salary you earn from teaching can vary depending on a few different factors. You might make more teaching a certain subject, working in a certain school district, or even depending on the state that you live in. Since teachers can have such varied salaries, it can be difficult to know where and how you can make the most money as a public school teacher.

Many states value their teachers, but if you’re looking to earn the highest salary as a public school teacher, look no further than the state of Illinois. While teachers in Illinois might earn less on average, they are actually the best paid in the country after adjusting their pay for the cost of living in Illinois. 

Another great state for teachers is New York. On average, New York public school teachers are paid more than in any other state (before adjusting for inflation). New York also offers incredible benefit programs for teachers, and will even help cover a big portion of your student loan balance form college. Overall, New York ranks as one of the best states in the entire country for public school teachers — but better yet, Washington.

If you’re concerned with your happiness both on the job and off the job more than the paycheck you bring home at the end of the week, then you should consider working in a state like Washington, which has been found to be the best state for public school teachers. Scored over a large number of metrics, Washington consistently ranked as one of the best states for teachers in the entire country. While teachers here might be paid a bit less than a few other states, you can be sure that you will come home happy at the end of the school day. Washington teachers also report a high level of opportunity, meaning that they will be likely to continue to make money in the future.

Ultimately, any state that you decide to work in will have its pros and cons. You should try not to base your decision on the amount of money you’ll make alone — make sure you’ll truly be happy where you are teaching before you make a commitment to a classroom that you regret in the future.

What Kinds of Teachers Will Make the Most Money?

The world is always changing, as is the need for different types of teachers. Paying attention to the kinds of teachers that are in the highest demand is a great way to guarantee that you will make more money — and have greater job security —  in the future. 

Elementary School Teachers

Elementary school teachers are some of the highest-paid educators in the country. Good elementary school teachers are vital to the early development of young students. Elementary school teachers must be highly adaptable and able to communicate effectively to a classroom of children. 

Elementary school teachers must also be familiar with a wide variety of different knowledge-areas. While high school teachers only need to know the ins and outs of one or two subjects, many elementary school teachers are responsible for history, math, science, reading, writing, and more on top of taking care of a room full of young kids. The life of an elementary school teacher is not an easy one, but it’s extremely rewarding for the right people.

High School Teachers

High school teachers generally make a bit more than elementary school teachers because of the number of students for whom they are responsible, and the advanced knowledge they need to have in their subject areas.

A good high school education can be equally as important for the development of a student as a good elementary school education. High school can prepare students for the future and can help them determine which path they would like to take for their career. High school teachers also need to be extremely adaptable to handle teaching a large number of students remotely.

Special Education Teachers

Special education teachers work with students with special needs who need additional assistance in the classroom. These types of teachers are highly sought after because of their knowledge and expertise, meaning that they are likely to make more money in the future.

An effective special education teacher can make the difference between a student feeling welcome and accepted in a classroom. Special education teachers are also extremely familiar with their students because of the highly individualized lessons they need to create. The most important thing to remember as a special education teacher is that every student is different, and learns a different way.

English as a Second Language Teachers

English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers work with students who are learning English. Working as an ESL teacher grants an amazing opportunity to work with vastly different students who can give you a multicultural perspective on education. ESL teachers can also travel to different countries and teach English abroad.

Becoming an ESL teacher is one of the best ways to make sure you will make more money in the future. Our methods of communication and work environments are undergoing massive changes that sometimes require working with international teams of people. As international communication continues to become a daily standard in the average workplace, more and more people will need an ESL teacher to help them learn the language. Even if you don’t want to work abroad, there are plenty of opportunities around the country for students in the school system who need help mastering English.


Whether you’re a new teacher getting your first classroom assignment or a veteran teacher with years of experience, you’re probably worried about the future of your career in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. While many teachers are seeing short-term cuts to their pensions and salaries, they can also expect many more opportunities in the future as technology becomes increasingly integrated into the classroom.

For new teachers, it is also important to stay on top of the latest trends in education. Pay attention to which specialties are in the greatest demand to maximize your chances of earning more money in the future. If you’re lucky, you might even discover your new passion when you find the right teaching specialty for you!

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