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Spotify is one of the largest online music streaming services, with a fantastically large selection of the biggest artists’ tracks spanning across all musical genres. What better platform to use when you are at home marking students’ homework or even as a useful tool for class management? Looking for a Spotify discount for teachers? Read on to discover how you can get a reduced subscription fee and benefit from Spotify’s current discounts and deals.

Unfortunately there is currently no educator discount available for Spotify.  However, there are various promotions and offers that you would do well to make the most of.

Starting with the family membership plan, to qualify you must ensure everyone using the plan resides at the same address. The great thing about this deal is you can have up to 5 of your family members on the same subscription plan for just $14.99 a month!  For more information about this great deal, visit the Spotify family premium account website.

To qualify for this next deal, you have to be enrolled in a university. So if you have considered further study or are currently studying part-time, you can benefit from this huge discount. The deal is $0.99 for the first 3 months, then $4.99 from then on, however, it gets better as if you sign up through this page you also get membership to Hulu and Showtime thrown in at no extra cost.

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Spotify is one of the leading online music streaming platforms with a staggering library of artists and songs to listen to. While they are not currently offering a formal teacher discount, they do offer a variety of great deals perfect for any interested educator.