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9 Different Types of Whiteboards Worth Considering

Types of Whiteboards

Whiteboards are one of the most familiar and popular learning tools around. And whiteboards also happen to be an integral part of the classroom as they are often useful in helping teachers to express key concepts and ideas. Whiteboards are important for a wide range of tasks, including anything from taking notes, studying, keeping reminders, or even making things like dinner plans, chore lists, routines and schedules and important life tasks more easily accessible. But what are the different types of whiteboards?

Some of the most common types of whiteboards include magnetic, dry erase, framed, non-framed, melamine, porcelain, glass, tabletop, floor-standing. And the time spent exploring them can mean the difference between finding the perfect one or not. As such, selecting a whiteboard that most closely matches what you are looking for will be a crucial part of the process. While on your search for a whiteboard,  you may want to consider any benefits or features that will come along with it.

Important Factors to Consider Before Buying a Whiteboard

  • Material. The material of a whiteboard can play a role in the quality of it, as well as how long it ultimately lasts.
  • Ease of use. When whiteboards offer ease of use, this makes the process of working with them so much smoother.
  • Size. How large or small is the whiteboard? Is it the appropriate size for how you will be using it?
  • Stain resistance. How stain-resistant a whiteboard is can also be an important factor to weigh out.
  • Features. Does the whiteboard come things like trays or accessories?
  • Durability. Durability and how well a whiteboard holds up over time can be an important factor in how long a whiteboard lasts.
  • Maintenance and upkeep. Knowing how to properly care for and clean a whiteboard should also be taken into consideration.

Magnetic Whiteboards Offer a Variety of Uses

Magnetic whiteboards are highly sought for their ability to hold objects such as magnets and clips on their surface. These boards not only allow you a nice, clean surface to write on, but a place to keep important documents or notes where they are easily visible and accessible.

Fun and educational tools like magnetic letters, shapes and numbers can also be placed on magnetic whiteboards. Magnetic whiteboards can be great for teachers, students, parents and others wishing to have an effective platform from which to share important information from. These whiteboards would also be a good option if you want a whiteboard in which you can do more than writing.

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Dry Erase Whiteboards are a Top Choice Among Professionals

Dry erase whiteboards are one of the most used and popular types of whiteboards. And these whiteboards are the go-to for many professionals and educators that need a board that’s simple, yet effective at getting the job done. With these boards, you can use markers that are erasable. Dry erase whiteboards are good for those that wish to write down key information and concepts, yet desire to be able to easily erase writing and markings.

These whiteboards are great for the classroom and other educational settings. Whiteboards can make communication of information more practical, as well as make life when it comes to teaching and exploring ideas a lot easier. And the convenience and ease of being able to use erase markers with these boards make them a favorite among people that have discovered them to be a necessity.

Framed Whiteboards Offer a Flair of Style

Frames can add a touch of visual appeal to whiteboards. And frames can be made of different materials. One of the most common frames that you will see on whiteboards is aluminum. You might also see framed whiteboards with wooden frames or even plastic ones.

Frames can also come in a variety of different colors, including silver, black, brown, or white for example – depending on the frame type. Frames can provide an added touch to a whiteboard and can give it an extra pop of color for a beautifully made design and finish.

Non-Framed Whiteboards Have a Sleek Design

Some whiteboards are designed a bit differently than framed whiteboards. For example, non-framed whiteboards typically work similar to framed whiteboards, except without the frame. Non-framed whiteboards can be an alternative if you want the convenience of writing on a whiteboard, yet with a different look to it.

These type of boards allow for a different design, while still giving you the freedom to write down information and ideas. A whiteboard with no frame can also offer a clean and sleek look – all while focusing the attention on where it needs to be most.

Painted Steel Whiteboards Offer Durability

Painted steel whiteboards are among one of the most well known and used whiteboards around. This whiteboard is commonly used in classrooms and other settings where you might find a whiteboard. Painted steel whiteboards can also have multiple features and can offer you a combination of benefits to enjoy. For example, painted steel whiteboards are normally magnetic. These whiteboards are also known to be strong and durable and with the proper care can last much longer.

Melamine Whiteboards Can be an Inexpensive Alternative

Melamine whiteboards have some features which make it different from other whiteboards – namely the material from which it’s made. Some melamine whiteboards may have problems with staining and may also need to be cleaned more often than other boards due to its coating. And some melamine whiteboards may not be as durable or long-lasting as other types of whiteboards.

As a result, melamine whiteboards are not as popular as other types of whiteboards. Yet, one of the benefits of melamine whiteboards are that they are typically more inexpensive compared to many other types of whiteboards. While melamine whiteboards may not be the top choice among melamine whiteboards, they can be sufficient enough to get the job done.

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Porcelain Whiteboards Get the Job Done

Porcelain whiteboards are one of the top choices when it comes to writing boards. This specific whiteboard is typically made of porcelain, which is a type of ceramic, as the surface material. Porcelain whiteboards are normally very strong and durable – partly due to its steel component within its inner layers. Some porcelain whiteboards are also magnetic.

And some porcelain whiteboards can be good for marker use. Porcelain whiteboards are a favorite among writing boards – as it’s quality when it comes to writing, in addition to its resistance to staining.

Glass Whiteboards Have the Looks and Functionality

Glass whiteboards are typically made with tempered glass. And these whiteboards are quickly becoming a favorite for many people, as they are known to be durable, strong, long-lasting and difficult to damage. Many people also find that glass whiteboards make for a very smooth surface and that they can be easier to clean than other types of whiteboards in some instances.

Glass whiteboards also have a nice look to them – giving them the best of both worlds when it comes to design and functionality. These tools can be excellent for learning purposes and can be used for so many things and in so many settings – not just the classroom, but also the workplace or at home.

Convenience is Key with Tabletop Whiteboards

Tabletop whiteboards are designed to sit atop of a flat surface. And these whiteboards can be a good alternative to other options as they can make it easier to sit while using the board to communicate information. Tabletop whiteboards are often portable and can easily be moved from place to place – allowing for quick and easy access to a writing board. Some tabletop whiteboards also have marker trays – making them more convenient for use.

These whiteboards can be useful for doing work with a group while sitting. And these simple but critical tools can make any learning environment or classroom complete. They can support a good learning experience and can make explaining and receiving information an easier process. A tabletop whiteboard would be great if you want to have the benefits of whiteboard, all from the comfort of a table or desk.

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Floor-standing Whiteboards Can Offer More Space

Not only are some whiteboards small and relatively compact in size, but others, such as floor-standing whiteboards, come in much larger sizes. Floor-standing whiteboards are sometimes also known as full height whiteboards. These whiteboards are typically longer in length and can extend down toward the floor – allowing for more room to write down ideas.

Many floor-standing whiteboards can also be moved around and arranged as needed. Floor-standing whiteboards would be ideal for standing, or for when you  need a much larger surface area to cover or have a lot of information to write down. And these whiteboards can offer you even more space to get more work done.

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Finding the Perfect Whiteboard 

On your search for a whiteboard, you will find that there are a ton of different types and brands for you to choose from. And, with so many options, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed from having so many choices.

Yet, exploring the benefits and advantages of different types of whiteboards can be an important part of your journey to improving learning experiences. As such, exploring the different whiteboards which are available can be the first step to discovering the perfect tool to teach others, learn and express information more easily than ever before.

Written by Moneywise Teacher Staff

This post was written by an awesome member of the Moneywise Teacher writing staff!

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