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Best Interactive Whiteboard Systems

The 3 Best Interactive Whiteboard Systems Compared

Interactive whiteboard systems are used more and more in classrooms today. They can make the learning process more engaging, and therefore classroom management easier. Lessons can be more easily tailored to those with various learning challenges. But which one to choose? There are hundreds of brands out there. The good news is that as budget-conscious…

best software for teaching online

The 8 Best Software Programs for Online Teaching in 2020

With the ongoing global pandemic, many teachers have suddenly found themselves teaching online for the first time. They’ve also found themselves inundated with ads for various online teaching software, totally overwhelmed by all the platforms, apps, and websites available to them. How do you choose from a never-ending list of software? How do you sift…

Oregon Scientfic Smart Globe Review

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Guide

Globes have always been a fixture in classrooms across America, both to teach geography and as decoration. Who doesn’t remember finding various countries on a colorful classroom globe? Today’s most educational globes, however, use modern technology to bring to life geography, language, and culture in ways we never could have dream of in elementary school….

Best Headsets for Teaching Online

7 Awesome Headsets for Teaching Online

If you are going to be teaching classes online, you need to need a good pair of headphones that you can rely on! Here we have taken an in-depth look at what some of the very best headsets for teaching online have to offer. [Please note that we might share a small portion of the…

Best Professional Bags for Teachers Review

8 of the Best Professional Bags for Teachers

As teachers, we’re used to carrying around multiple bags packed with books, binders, and other supplies. But sometimes we just need that one bag for job interviews and special meetings, something functional but professional. If you’re looking for the best professional bags for teachers, look no further than our list of the eight best! [Please…

Best Classroom Art Drying Racks

The 8 Best Classroom Drying Racks Reviewed

If you’re an art teacher or teach little children, chances are you have lots of random pieces of art drying all over your classroom. So, how do let all of those creations dry without sacrificing otherwise-useful work space? These classroom drying racks are perfect for keeping your little artists’ work safe while they dry! [Please…

Best Cheap Document Cameras for Teachers

6 Awesome Document Cameras for Teachers

The best document cameras for teachers combine all the best features of by-gone teacher tech and skyrocket them into the twenty-first century! If you (or your district tech department) haven’t seen the newest models, you might first think of document cameras as the gigantic (and unused or unusable) machines in the corner of your college…

Best Backpacks for Teachers

Best Teacher Backpacks 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

As a teacher, you need to move from your home to the classroom with a full load of papers, textbooks, your computer, other personal electronic devices, and maybe even your lunch. Having the right backpack is essential to making this daily reality as stress-free as possible. Here we have put together a list of some…