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Zappos Teacher Discount: What Happened?

Zappos Teacher Discount

Teachers are usually required to dress in business casual attire, including appropriate footwear. This can be a challenge on a limited budget.

Retailers like Zappos which often offers more affordable prices on shoes and clothing than the average department or specialty store, can be a lifesaver for teachers trying to build a work wardrobe!

Please note that we might share a small portion of the sales from the links on this page. We only share teacher discounts that we truly love and recommend. Now on to our review of the Zappos discount for teachers…

Does Zappos Have a Teacher Discount?

Unfortunately, in late 2022 Zappos ended their special programs discounts, including for teachers. Their new policy on coupons and discounts here mean that most of the coupons found on third-party “coupon sites” won’t work.

In lieu of this formal program, the best ways to save that I’m seeing currently are:

The Old Educator Discount Offer [pre-2023]

Teachers and students can enjoy 10% off all orders after a simple verification process. All K-12 teachers, administrators, and college instructors in the United States are eligible. This discount will be associated with their Zappos account and will automatically be applied to all Zappos purchases for a year, with an option to re-verify after one year. Please note: Zappos specifies that the discount may not be combined with certain other promotions.

How to I get your Zappos Teacher Discount?

Visit Under Students and Teachers, select Get Your Discount Now. You will be directed to create a login and provide verification through the SheerID program. After verification of your teacher credentials, you will be approved for the discount. Any time you make a purchase from Zappos, the 10% discount will be applied.

Zappos Education Discount – More Recommendations

Building a professional wardrobe, especially as a new teacher, may take some time. Begin the verification process for your Teacher Discount as soon as possible to take full advantage of the 10% off – the discount is not retroactive and will not apply to purchases made before verification. This discount can be used for all Zappos purchases, so feel free to stock up on footwear and apparel for the entire family!

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