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    US Cellular Teacher Discount – How to Get 20% Off!

    US Cellular has a large customer base and offers comparable coverage and pricing as it’s national competitors. We often asked if there is a US Cellular teacher discount. To help sway teachers to switch to their service instead of staying with their current provider, there would have to be some type of incentive for them […] More

  • Pottery Barn Teacher Discount
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    Pottery Barn Teacher Discount – How to Get 3-10% Back at Pottery Barn

    Pottery Barn is the collision of high-end furniture and large scale manufacturing. Pieces are widely available nationwide but are still built with longevity in mind. For the work from home teacher, and for anyone wanting to revamp their furniture, it’s good to know what discounts are available at Pottery Barn. Does Pottery Barn Have a […] More

  • Canon Teacher Discount
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    Canon Teacher Discount – Get 5-10% + Off!

    Probably most well-known among teachers as the instagram-worthy DSLR camera brand, Canon is a maker of a wide range of equipment for personal and professional use in industries from photography to medicine and research. While very popular for personal use, Canon has many products applicable to Film, Arts, Photography, Yearbook and Newspaper programs. Does Canon […] More

  • Frigidaire Teacher Discount
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    Frigidaire Teacher Discount – How to Get the Best Deals!

    Frigidaire brand appliances can be found in various specialty retailers like Best Buy, Sears, Macy’s, Home Depot and Lowe’s. They can also be purchased directly from the Frigidaire website, and sometimes at a much lower price! The company is well known for it’s ice cold refrigerators (full of “frigid-air”), but they are also a specialty […] More

  • HP Teacher Discount
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    HP Teacher Discount – Get 5-10% + Off!

    HP is a giant in the school and business world, so it makes sense that they are also prevalent in personal and home computers. HP products are available at a variety of resellers, but for the best prices, and teacher related discounts, you’ll want to check out their site and order from them directly. Even […] More

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    Bose Teacher Discount – How to Get the Best Deals!

    Bose is primarily known for their high quality audio equipment. Any audiophile knows that Boses doesn’t mess around when it comes to their lines of headphones and speakers. From noise-cancelling to wearable bluetooth headsets, or home entertainment systems to portable speakers, Bose is an industry leader in sound. It’s no wonder that teachers appreciate all […] More

  • Roxy Teacher Discounts
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    Roxy Teacher Discount – Get 15% + Off!

    While not necessarily a staple in most educator’s work wardrobes, Roxy definitely makes cool, comfortable clothing and swimwear. You can purchase Roxy clothing and accessories from their online store, or at one of many online and in store retailers. Roxy clothing is mainly marketed to young, sporty women and girls, with most of their clothing […] More

  • J.Crew Teacher Discount
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    J. Crew Teacher Discount – 15% Off!

    J. Crew is well-known for it’s polished looks, durable pieces and family-friendly wear. It’s no doubt that teachers love to shop at J. Crew for everything from work wear to weekend wear. J. Crew is making it even sweeter for teachers who love to shop there! Does J.Crew Have an Education Discount? J. Crew offers […] More

  • Cole Haan Teacher Discount Program
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    Cole Haan Teacher Discount – How to Get 20% + Off!

    When you think of quality leather shoes, bags and belts, the brand Cole Haan is quick to come to mind. They have been a staple of the modern wardrobe for both formal and casual wear. Their brand’s versatility and quality are admired by many, and teachers are no exception. Durability and the right price are […] More

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