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10 of the Best Tote Bags for Teachers

Best Tote Bags for Teachers

Teachers carry papers, laptops, supplies, and countless other necessities in their daily tote bags. Their tote bags need to be durable, practical, and stylish. Tote bags come in a dizzying variety of materials and designs. This article compares a variety of  the best tote bags for teachers and gives the pros and cons of each.

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Looking for the best of the best, our top pick for the best tote bag for teachers? You might want to consider the very stylish and very durable No products found., our top pick. If you are looking for something a bit more casual, try the No products found..

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What are the Best Tote Bags for Teachers?

Here are our top 10 recommendations:

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EaseGave Laptop Briefcase. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The EaseGave Laptop Briefcase provides many of the essentials in a teacher’s tote bag with few cons. This stylish tote bag offers a sleek design with plenty of organization pockets and durable material. Although called a briefcase, it allows for both carrying it by a handle, like a traditional briefcase, and by the shoulder strap.

The best feature about this tote bag is its durability for the cost. It is a mid-range-priced bag made of Eco-leather. Eco-leather is made of natural, plant-based fibers that look like traditional leather. This material is known to be unlikely to crack or peel.

Another detail that makes this the highest recommended tote bag is the large variety of colors available. Whether you are outgoing or more reserved, you will find your favorite tote bag color here. Given the affordable price, you could even have a couple of bags to change out with the season or your outfit.

Because of the durable fabric, the 2.86-pound EaseGave tote bag weighs more than fabric or canvas tote bags. Throw in a laptop and papers, and the bag could reach over ten pounds. But the tote bag weighs less than many traditional leather bags.

Overall, the EaseGrave laptop briefcase offers room for all of the essentials, keeps them organized with four large compartments, two slip pockets, and a zippered pocket, and should last for years. It checks most of the boxes for a great teacher tote bag.

More Info – EaseGave Laptop Briefcase:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 15.1″ x (D) 4.13 x (H) 12.4″
  • Shoulder Strap dimensions: 10.8″ – 23.2″
  • Handle dimensions: 2.75″
  • Color: Many options
  • Item weight: 2.86 lb
  • Item material: Eco-leather
No products found.

2) No products found.

CLUCI Laptop Briefcase, Leather. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Leather CLUCI Laptop Briefcase is another eye-catching tote bag for teachers. This tote bag represents a more elite bag made of genuine cowhide leather. Its accordion-style body expands to hold many supplies and a laptop.

The variety of pockets and organization features sets the CLUCI tote bag apart from the rest of the tote bags. It has a large interior compartment divided by a large zippered section. The laptop compartment is padded and can hold up to a 15.6” laptop. The tote bag even has two pen slots and eight cardholders.

The leather CLUCI briefcase is large enough for A4 paper, which is the size of the oversize drawing and construction papers often found in elementary school. The downside of the size and material of this tote bag is the weight. This bag is one of the heavier suggestions with a weight of 3.4 lbs. The weight is worth it for teachers who value high-quality, trendy, eye-catching tote bags.

More Info – CLUCI Laptop Briefcase, Leather:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 16.54” x (W) 5.51” x (H) 12.20”
  • Handle dimensions: 6.5”
  • Shoulder strap dimensions: 20.47-24.41”
  • Item weight: 3.72 lb
  • Color: Brown
  • Item material: Genuine leather
No products found.

3) No products found.


DHK Vintage Leather Messenger Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The DHK Vintage Leather Messenger Bag represents the most masculine suggestion for teacher tote bags in this list, but women would also enjoy the character that comes with this bag. It has thousands of high ratings and is a great buy for the price.

The DHK tote bag is made of top-grain, distressed leather and fully lined in durable canvas. The bag gives you the impression of an old-school cool vibe but is updated with an outer pocket for a 15.5” laptop and a cell phone pocket. Inside is made of a large section split in two. Under the flap, there is a smaller zippered compartment. Around the outside edge are four fold-over buckled pockets.

Although the DHK messenger bag has a lot of compartments, a lot of them seem awkwardly sized for school supplies. The zippered pocket might hold a small planner or notebook, but not if it is too thick. The outside pockets might make smaller items, like chapstick and small storage devices, easy to lose. On the other hand, the pockets accommodate a wider variety of midsize items, like index cards and sticky notes.

Although this review covers the 16-inch medium size tote bag, this bag comes in 14 inch small and 18-inch large options, which accommodates both those wanting a smaller, lighter bag and those with larger laptops or books.

DHK Vintage Leather Messenger Bag Specifications:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 16” x (W) 5” x (H) 12” (medium)
  • Item material: Top Grain Leather
No products found.

4) No products found.

“Teach Love Inspire” Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The “Teach Love Inspire” tote bag represents a more affordable and casual option for teachers. This tote bag is made with canvas, an ever-popular material for its durability and lightweight. It is fully lined with a zipper to keep the content dry and contained. There is also an interior zippered pocket.

The trendy “Teach Love Inspire” message on the bag shows would bring a smile to many teachers’ faces. Unfortunately, the tote bag will only hold up to an 11” tablet, which does not work for teachers transporting laptops. On balance, the 24” handles are comfortable and easy to carry. The best feature of the “Teach Love Inspire” tote bag is the size. Coming in at 14.5” X 15” X 5”, it offers more of a square shape and accommodates bulkier supplies.

More Info – “Teach Love Inspire” Tote Bag:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 14.5” x (W) 5” x (H) 15.5”
  • Shoulder strap dimensions: 24”
  • Color” Grey with white lettering
  • Item weight: 1 lb
  • Item material: Polycanvas
No products found.

5) No products found.

Mosiso PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Mosiso PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag is the best option for teachers who need to transport a large laptop or other large items. It can hold many 17” laptops with room for more. The interior is divided by a zippered pocket and has an outer zipper to protect the contents. The only other pocket is an outer, zippered pocket that is big enough for a cell phone and then some.

The main downside to the Mosiso tote bag is the weight. Even though it is PU leather, the tote bag weighs 3.56 lbs, far more than the top pick Eco-leather bag. However, the ability to carry larger items is necessary for a lot of teachers, so the weight is unlikely to be a deterrent. With thousands of reviews and a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating, it is safe to say many agree.

More Info – Mosiso PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 17.72” x (W) 4.53” x (H) 12.6”
  • Handle dimensions: 11.02 – 12.99”
  • Shoulder strap dimensions: 31.5 – 55.9”
  • Color: Many colors
  • Item weight: 3.56 lbs
  • Item material: PU Leather
No products found.

6) No products found.

Ecosusi Laptop Tote. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Ecosusi Laptop Tote is a great teacher tote bag because of its organizational potential. It has two large sections inside that are divided by a zippered section and that close with a magnetic button. It also has three smaller pockets inside.

The Ecosusi tote bag has four feet on the bottom and can stand without falling over. Although this tote bag is more sedate than other options on the list, it makes for a classic wardrobe essential. With a mid-range price similar to the top recommendation, this bag provides a good alternative for teachers who prefer handles without a shoulder strap.

More Info – Ecosusi Laptop Tote:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 16.54” x (W) 5.51” x (H) 12.20”
  • Handle dimensions: 9.4″-13.4″
  • Item color: Black
  • Item weight: 2.47 lb
  • Item material: Vegan Leather
No products found.

7) No products found.

Ankuer Laptop Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Ankuer Laptop Tote Bag is one of the more affordable options on the list that is a more traditional look. Similar in size to many of the bags that hold a 15.6” laptop, this tote bag also offers an external USB port for charging your devices. There are many pockets inside and a ziptop to keep everything from falling out.

The downside to this tote bag is that it is half the width of other bags on the list. Some teachers may prefer a smaller size since it comes with a much lighter profile since it weighs only 2.03 lbs. Overall, the Ankuer tote bag represents the most affordable, easy-to-carry tote bag for teachers.

More Info – Ankuer Laptop Tote Bag:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 16.89” x (W) 2.8” x (H) 12.13”
  • Item weight: 2.03 lbs
  • Charging: USB
No products found.

8) No products found.

Bolosta Laptop Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Bolosta Laptop Tote Bag is another affordable, stylish option for teachers. Unlike the Ankuer tote bag, this one is comparable in size to many of the larger bags on the list. The Bolosta tote bag is made of PU composite fabric and PU leather, which contributes to its reasonable 2.5 lbs weight.

The Bolosta tote bag shines for its many internal pockets. One side has two levels of mesh pockets, some small enough to fit a computer mouse, others big enough for chargers and makeup. The other side is more structured and meant for pens, phones, notebooks, and other rectangular objects. The bag has side pockets for umbrellas, water bottles, and other cylinders. There are at least 16 pockets inside this bag.

More Info – Bolosta Laptop Tote Bag:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 16.54” x (W) 5.51” x (H) 12.20”
  • Handle dimensions: 12.5in
  • Color: Black with brown accents and brown interior
  • Item weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Item material: PU composite fabric and PU leather

No products found.

9) No products found.

CLUCI Briefcase for Women Oil Wax Leather. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The CLUCI Briefcase for Women in Oil Wax Leather is another high end tote bag for teachers. It comes in several colors. This tote bag holds up to a 15.6” laptop and has four pockets and two pen holders.

Unlike other genuine leather tote bags, this one weighs just 2.84 lbs. The only real negative for this bag is the price point. But if a teacher is looking for a high-quality bag that will last for years, this highly-rated bag is a good choice.

More Info – CLUCI Briefcase for Women Oil Wax Leather:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 15.55” x (W) 4.92” x (H) 12.20”
  • Handle dimensions: 6.29”
  • Shoulder strap dimensions: 20.86”-25.39”
  • Item weight: 2.84 lbs
  • Item material: Oil Wax Leather
No products found.

10) No products found.

“Teacher” Definition Printed Book Tote Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The Teacher Definition tote bag is a fun option for teachers. This is the most affordable option on the list, but it has the least features. It has no pockets or organizational features. As stated in the title, this tote bag is mostly for carrying books.

The Teacher tote bag would be great for English language arts teachers as a novelty. The bag says. “Teacher (n) [tee-cher] A multi-tasking educational rockstar who lives to inspire and loves to encourage. They’re kind of a big deal.”

More Info – “Teacher” Definition Printed Book Tote Bag:

  • Item dimensions: (L) 15.78” x (W) 4.72” x (H) 11.02”
  • Item weight: Light weight
  • Item material: Linen weaving material
No products found.

Tote Bags for Teachers – Buyers Guide / FAQ

Buying a new tote bag can be overwhelming because there are so many options and features. When looking for a tote bag, keep your needs in mind. Know the size of your laptop, what supplies you typically transport, the weather you typically experience, and the locations you take the tote bag.


First, determine your budget. The smaller the budget, the fewer the options. A budget under $50 is unlikely to accommodate genuine leather, for example. A lower budget does not mean lower quality, though. Plant-based fibers look like leather and are durable and affordable.


Tote bags usually come in a small size that fits a tablet, a medium size that fits a laptop up to 15.6”, and a large size that fits 17”+ laptops. Buying a bag with sturdy straps, thick lining, and sturdy stitching ensures the bag will not break when the tote bag is loaded down with your laptop, books, and other items. Check reviews to see if people report the straps breaking too quickly. Also, consider if you need both a shoulder strap and handle or just one of these carrying methods.


The material of the bag is more important for personal preference. Vegans or eco-conscious consumers may prefer PU leather or plant-based fibers. High-quality plant-based fibers are usually quite durable. Canvas is usually the lightest, most affordable material, but the quickest to show wear. Genuine leather that is properly sealed handles getting wet better than some materials.


The newest bags come with technology. If you are frequently away from a power source, look for a bag with an incorporated USB charger. Some bags have speakers built-in. Moreover, having a tracking tile in the bag makes it easy to find if lost or stolen.


Consider the different ways you plan to use the tote bag. Teachers sometimes travel. They should look for a tote bag that is useful for travel as well as school. One feature that is good for travel is an outside panel that slides over the handle of rolled luggage. Look for reviews that state the laptop is easy to pull out while going through security. Moreover, ensure the bag has outside pockets for passports, travel documents, and other essentials you need to access easily.


Lastly, look for bags with both concealed pockets inside the tote bag and easily accessible pockets on the outside. Ensure your cell phone fits in the pocket where you prefer to keep it. For the most accommodating pockets, look for a variety of pockets in different sizes and with different closures.

Final Thoughts – The Best Tote Bags for Teachers

Overall, finding a tote bag that meets all of your criteria can be time-consuming. Use all of the available filters when searching online retailers. Most allow for searching within a price range, material type, size, and maybe even technologies. When scrolling through the results, have your preferred style in mind. Some bags are more formal than others. Some bags are more structured. The overall impression of the bag from the image is a great way to eliminate a lot of the results. This should narrow the search enough to find your ideal tote bag.

Thanks for reading!  Also be sure to check out our reviews of the best bags on wheels for teachers and our picks for the top professional bags for teachers.

Written by Moneywise Teacher Staff

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