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US Cellular Teacher Discount – How to Get 20% Off!

US Cellular has a large customer base and offers comparable coverage and pricing as it’s national competitors. We often asked if there is a US Cellular teacher discount. To help sway teachers to switch to their service instead of staying with their current provider, there would have to be some type of incentive for them to make the switch…

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Does US Cellular Have a Teacher Discount?

US Celluar does not have a formal teacher discount, but they do have some employer partnerships that offer discounts depending on your employer – many teachers may be able to redeem this discount! If you are eligible for this partnership discount, you’ll be eligible to receive a generous discount of up to 20% on select personal and family plans.

How to Get your US Cellular Teacher Discount

Because US Cellular doesn’t offer a teacher discount, the only way to redeem your employer partnership is to verify whether or not you are eligible on their partnership webform. You will need to provide your first name and your work email address. Then, by navigating to your inbox you’ll be able to check and see if you are eligible for the discount program.

If you are eligible, you’ll receive instructions on how to redeem your discount, as well as the rules and regulations regarding what the discount can be used for.

If you are ineligible, you’ll be sent an email with further instructions, should you believe your employer is in the program.

US Cellular Education Discount – More Recommendations

While shopping for new phone service, you’re likely going to be looking at new devices as well. Whether you need a top of the line powerful phone that you can use for work and play, or if you’re looking for something economical that is reliable and gives you access to your favorite apps and games, US Cellular’s deals page will get you the best bang for your buck.

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US Cellular Logo - Education DiscountsUnited States Cellular, US Cellular for short, is the fourth-largest mobile network provider in the United States. Servicing almost 5 million customers, US Cellular is a CDMA provider and operates with the same service functionality as industry competitors, Sprint and Verizon.

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