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Domino’s Teacher Discount – How to Get the Best Pizza Deals!

Domino's Teacher Discount

Domino’s is as nostalgic as it comes when you think back to Friday night pizza nights as a child. It’s no wonder that this comfort food is loved by teachers (and their families!) nationwide. Getting a great deal at Domino’s just makes the ease of pizza night even more appealing.

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Does Domino’s Have an Education Discount?

While Domino’s corporate doesn’t have a chain-recognized teacher discount program, individual Domino’s locations (especially franchise-owned locations) are notoriously generous to teachers and education groups.

How to Get your Domino’s Teacher Discount?

The only way to find out what kind of discounts are available for teachers is to call or visit your local Domino’s to find out. Franchise owners have ultimate discretion in creating and offering teacher discounts, so if you are looking for a way to relax on the weekend, or if you’re hosting a class or club pizza party it’s worth checking in with your local Domino’s to see what they can offer you!

Domino’s Education Discount – More Recommendations

Domino’s may not have a widely-available teacher discount, but they’ve got a TON of other ways to earn points, save money and get the most out of your next order!

You can sign up here for Piece of the Pie Rewards, which tracks your orders and rewards you with free pizzas as you accumulate points.

Need to raise funds for your class or school? Domino’s offers generous fundraising programs, where a portion of each order during the fundraiser goes back to the group. Each franchise operates fundraisers independently, so you’ll need to contact the Domino’s you want to work with to set this up.

Get coupons, sale reminders, and other special deals by opting-in to Domino’s Email and Text alerts.

Domino’s even offers wedding registry gifts and deals for the wedding party and all the events that come with wedding planning! There’s always a reason to eat pizza!

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Domino’s Pizza, colloquially just ‘Domino’s’, is a multi-national chain that serves pizzas, bread products, salads, pasta dishes, and a limited range of desserts and drinks. Endlessly customizable and combinable, Domino’s is one of the many pizza chains that capitalizes on allowing freedom of choice to its customers. So whether you’re looking for a cheeseless vegetable delight or a pineapple and sardine monstrosity, Domino’s has got your order and fast!

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