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7 of the Best Bean Bag Chairs Perfect for Classroom Use!

Best Classroom Bean Bag Chairs

When you think of bean bag chairs, you might imagine a lumpy pillow with plastic beads in it, perhaps lying in a college dorm or family living room. And while those bean bags have their uses, there’s so much more that this versatile piece of furniture has to offer, especially for the modern classroom. Many bean bags are now filled with ultra-soft memory foam filling and come covered in a wide range of attractive materials, making it easy to match them with any classroom decor and season.

Bean bag chairs fit perfectly into any classroom nook and can then be dragged into the main classroom area for lessons and activities. When the day is over, they’re easy to move around and store for later. Plus, their soft interior means they’re safer for use around younger students who may need a little extra cushion from time to time.

It’s for these reasons (and many more!) that we’ve decided to create a list of the best classroom bean bag chairs available for teachers today. After searching around the internet, we’ve selected seven of our favorite classroom-friendly bean bag chairs that’ll have you tossing out your old classroom furniture in no time.

In a Hurry?

Looking for the best of the best, a classroom bean bag chair that will turn your classroom into a cozy, comfortable place? You might want to consider the No products found., our top pick.

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What are the Best Bean Bag Chairs for Classroom Use?

Here are our picks for the top 7 classroom-friendly bean bag chairs:

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Cali Paddle Out Sack Bean Bag Chair. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

The first item on our list puts a spin on the classic bean bag chair. Unlike a regular bean bag that’s soft and squishy, the No products found. has a generous cushion and a tall back to help support your students while they sit and read. The chair is filled with a shape-retaining foam that gently compresses while in use, only to return to its original shape once you stand up.

We all know kids can be rough on classroom furniture, which is why the Cali Paddle Out Bean Bag Chair is built to last and perfect for busy classrooms. The covers come in a myriad of fresh and vibrant colors that are guaranteed to spruce up any classroom’s reading nook. They’re made from a water-resistant Coated Oxford fabric that is easy to clean and maintain. The seams are meticulously double-stitched, making them both strong and reliable. A built-in handle makes it easy for your students to carry the chairs around with them which helps develop their independence and self-sufficiency.

More Info – Cali Paddle Out Sack Bean Bag Chair:

  • Recommended for ages 3 to 6
  • Product Dimensions: 20” L x 33” W x 12” H
  • Product Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Materials: Nylon and Polystyrene
No products found.

2) No products found.

Posh Creations Animal Bean Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Our next item is the adorable No products found.. Featuring a few unique animal shapes and plenty of colors and patterns, this bean bag excels in cuteness and versatility. Marketed as cozy poufs, these bean bags are filled with soft polystyrene beads that are both comfy and durable. The fabric is soft and welcoming to the touch, making your students feel more at home in the classroom.

Weighing only six pounds, it’s easy for students to tote these soft bean bag chairs around, meaning less set up for you and more fun for them. You can even turn clean up time into a fun activity where each student needs to move their chair back to its original space.

Reviewers did note that this product is spot clean only, so it may be best to put all snacks away before allowing your students to cozy up in them. A damp towel and some soap and water should be enough to clean off any accidental messes.

More Info – Posh Creations Animal Bean Bag:

  • Product Dimensions: 30” L x 30” W x 20” H
  • Product Weight: 6 pounds
  • Materials: Foam and Polystyrene
No products found.

3) No products found.


SoftScape Classic Bean Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Next up on our list is the No products found.. It’s covered in a soft leather-like material that’s gentle to the touch and pleasant to lounge in. Filled with shape-retaining foam beads that mold to your body while you sit, you’ll be surprised at how long you can relax in it.

The beads are durable and stress resistant, so whether fresh out of the box or after years of wear and tear, this bean bag is a comfy seat every time. The seamless double-stitching means you don’t have to worry about any beads escaping and the two child-proof zippers keep this product safe for students of all ages.

The polyurethane cover is easy to clean: Messes are easily wiped away with some soap and water. Bean bag not firm enough for you? This manufacturer sells additional beads, so you can adjust its resistance to your students’ preferences. This product is both GREENGUARD [GOLD] certified and complies with CAL 117 flammability regulations, so you can rest easy knowing your students are using something that’s safe and dependable.

SoftScape Classic Bean Bag Specifications:

  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Product Dimensions: 35″ L x 35″ W x19″ H
  • Product Weight: 8 pounds
  • Materials: Polystyrene and Polyurethane
No products found.

4) No products found.

Harry Potter Cozee Fluffy Chair. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

What better way to get young kids excited about reading than by getting them a Harry Potter-themed bean bag chair? The No products found. features all four of the Hogwarts Houses on the seat back and attractive embroidering on the front. In addition, two pockets on the sides make for easy book storage once reading time is over.

Unlike the usually crinkly bean bags, this one’s plush cover is quiet and soft to the touch, allowing for a more relaxing reading experience. The generous foam filling provides extra support, while the extended back ensures that your students are developing proper sitting habits. The fluffy cover is machine washable and will stand up to quite a bit of wear and tear. The non-slip bottom keeps this chair in place, so even your younger students can enjoy reading in it safely.

More Info – Harry Potter Cozee Fluffy Chair:

  • Recommended for ages 2 to 10 (holds up to 100 pounds)
  • Product Dimensions: 27” L x 23” W x 27” H
  • Product Weight: 14.93 pounds
No products found.

5) No products found.

High Back Lounger Bean Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

One main issue people have with bean bag chairs is the lack of proper support; oftentimes they’re too squishy for prolonged use. Not so with the next item on our list: the No products found..

This product puts back support first with a built-in high back that’ll stop your students from slouching while they read. The shredded polystyrene is durable but soft and will contour to your students’ bodies for extra support. This product is ideal for younger students: the wipe clean outer shell makes mess clean up a breeze.

Some users reported that this product was too hard for them; You can easily adjust the firmness and shape by removing some of the filler. In addition, extra polystyrene is available for purchase if your students need a little extra support. What’s even better about this bean bag is that it’s light enough for your students to move around themselves, but sturdy enough to endure for many years of reading and learning.

More Info – High Back Lounger Bean Bag:

  • Recommended for ages 24 months to 6 years
  • Product Dimensions: 30” L x 28” W x 27” H
  • Product Weight: 9.13 pounds
  • Materials: Cotton, rayon, and polystyrene
No products found.

6) No products found.

Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag . Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Finding creative solutions to knotty problems is what being a teacher is all about; and what better way to solve clean up time than by having your students’ chairs double as storage bins?

When playtime is over, just have your students pack their stuffed animals away in the Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag chair, where they can easily be fetched once it’s time to play again. With an extra large 38 inch diameter, the No products found. can hold over a hundred stuffed animals or blankets of various sizes.

Its cover is made from a strong cotton canvas that’s soft and attractive looking. The reinforced, finely-stitched seams keep this product looking great even after years of use. If the chair’s too hard or soft, simply remove or add some blankets and stuffed animals until you reach the desired firmness. These covers are also easy to store, so you don’t have to worry about where you’ll put all these bean bags once the school day is over.

More Info – Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag :

  • Product Dimensions: 15.12” L x 11.61” W x 1.85” H
  • Product Weight: 1.65 pounds
  • Materials: Cotton
No products found.

7) No products found.

Ultimate Sack Bean Bag. Click the photo to see the price on Amazon.

Two words define the last product on our list: comfort and support. Stuffed with shredded polyurethane foam, the Ultimate Sack Bean Bag feels more like a fluffy pillow than a chair. It comes in multiple different colors and sizes, so you can mix and match to fit any classroom decor. You can even buy additional covers separately, making it easy to match the color to the season.

The outer fabric covering is a gentle suede with double-stitched seams that are both strong and durable. The interior has a protective lining to make sure none of the polyurethane foam accidentally slips out. Even better, this product’s covers are machine washable, so you’ll be able to keep them looking like new, even after continued use.

The inner foam is quite firm, so you may want to remove a little before your students start using it. That said, the supportive interior will help keep their backs straight and prevent them from slouching. As this product is so heavy, younger students should be continuously monitored while using it for their own safety.

More Info – Ultimate Sack Bean Bag:

  • Product Dimensions: 36” L x 36” W x 24” H
  • Product Weight: 40 pounds
  • Materials: Suede and memory foam
  • Made in the USA
No products found.

Classroom Bean Bag Chairs – Buyers Guide / FAQ

Bean bag chairs are among the most versatile furniture you can have in your classroom. They double as chairs, pillows, loungers, couches, and so much more. Plus, what classroom reading nook is complete without an attractive bean ban in the corner to just add that extra level of comfiness? So for those of you looking to add a bean bag (or two!) to your classroom’s decor, we’ve put together a brief buyer’s guide to help you find the perfect one.

How Cozy Can You Go?

The first question you need to ask yourself when purchasing a bean bag chair is how comfy do you want it? Not only does this include the texture of the materials, but also how the bean bag chair feels in your classroom. If you’re purchasing one for a kindergarten reading nook, then something like the Posh Creations Animal Bean Bag is the way to go. However, for a more mature classroom setting, especially one where students will need to be sitting up straight for a period of time, the Cali Paddle Out Sack Bean Bag Chair may be more appropriate.

No matter the setting, it’s imperative that the chair be comfortable and cozy in your classroom. The outer lining should match and enhance your classroom’s decor, as well as make your students feel comfortable when they’re using it.

How Supportive Do You Want it?

It might sound strange to talk about support for such a traditionally squishy object, but it’s an important consideration when it comes to finding a bean bag chair that’s right for your classroom. Not all students will appreciate the laid back seating arrangement of a soft, round bean bag chair, and will need extra support when reading or listening in class. Younger students in particular need additional back support to help them develop good sitting habits. Consider purchasing bean bags with a variety of firmness levels to help cater to each student’s unique seating preferences.

Covered or Uncovered?

While we only included one cover on our list (see the Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag), there are plenty of cover-only bean bag chairs on the market. You may be asking yourself, “Why would I buy just a cover instead of a whole chair?” Well the answer really depends on what your classroom is like.

Teachers of older students will probably want a traditional, bean-filled bean bag chair that’s ready to use straight out of the box. On the other hand, teachers of younger students, such as preschool and kindergarten, probably have a lot of stuffed animals and blankets lying around. What better way to organize these toys than by stuffing them into a bean bag chair? Not only does this save you tons of space in storage, but it provides your students with a fun end of playtime activity to help them develop their fine motor skills.

Thanks for reading!  Links to our top classroom beanbag chairs with current prices are below. If you’re shopping for your classroom you’ll definitely want to check out our list of the best classroom bookshelves as well.

Written by Moneywise Teacher Staff

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