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Canon Teacher Discount – Get 5-10% + Off!

Canon Teacher Discount

Probably most well-known among teachers as the instagram-worthy DSLR camera brand, Canon is a maker of a wide range of equipment for personal and professional use in industries from photography to medicine and research. While very popular for personal use, Canon has many products applicable to Film, Arts, Photography, Yearbook and Newspaper programs.

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Does Canon Have a Teacher Discount?

Canon aims to be a partner in education at every level, and wants to help get photography and cinema devices in the hands of every interested student. They offer special educator pricing on many of their products, when purchasing for K-12 or Higher Education purposes.

How to Get your Canon Education Discount

If you are interested in purchasing cameras or other equipment for your class, club or school program, contact a specialist at Canon US and they will be able to assist you. Also available to educators are printers, calculators and projectors for school use. In order to process your request, you will need to provide your Name, School and Department, the products you are interested in and quantity. Bulk pricing and special offers are available once you connect with them, and they will assist you in making your purchase. They are reachable during business hours by phone or by email.

Canon Teacher Discount – More Recommendations

If you are looking to purchase a Canon product for personal use, there are still ways to make sure you are getting the best deal. Check out their promotions and instant rebates page as they highlight all of the best pricing (in limited quantities) there. These offers range from percentage-off to dollar amount-off deals and are grouped by product type.

Canon also has a live chat feature on their website, which during business hours, allows you to reach an agent instantly. There you can ask what special codes or offers may be available site-wide. These will vary, but you can be sure that asking an agent when you are ready to buy will give you the most up to date information.

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About Company

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Canon is a Japanese company that specializes in optical and imaging equipment. As prevalent in US households as many other consumer brands, Canon is a household name. Canon is also a leading manufacturer of scanners, copiers and other business equipment, as well as imagining medical devices.

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