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A Guide To California Teacher Home Loans

Teacher Home Loans in California

If you are a teacher in California looking to buy a home, you are in luck!  California educators have access to some of the best teacher home loan programs in the country.  Teacher home loans in California are available from a variety of sources.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of your options for teacher home loans in California. Read on for our guide of the best teacher mortgage options in California!

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Here are 4 California Teacher Home Mortgage Options Worth Considering:

  1. LendingTree
  2. CalHFA School Teacher and Employee Assistance Program
  3. CalHero Teacher Home Loans
  4. MyCommunity California Teacher Mortgages

1)LendingTree California Teacher Home Loans

Our #1 recommended provider of teacher home loans in California is LendingTree. With LendingTree, you can easily compare up to five educator-friendly teacher home loan in California offers!

Whether you are purchasing a home, refinancing, looking for a home equity line of credit or seeking a reverse mortgage, we highly recommend LendingTree.

If looking at any of the other California teacher home loan options that follow, we recommended you take a look at LendingTree first! This will give you the most options. Furthermore, it can help you make an informed decision on which California home loan for teachers is best for you. Highly recommended!

Compare offers from up to 5 educator-friendly California Teacher Home Loan Providers on LendingTree HERE

2)CalHFA School Teacher and Employee Assistance Program

CALHfa Teacher Loans

Second on our list is CalHFA’s School Teacher and Employee Assistance Program (STEAP). This program provides down payment assistance to first time homebuyers who qualify.

To sum up, this program is available to all teachers, school district employees, support staff and administrators. To be eligible you must be working at a K-12 California public or charter school. If you are an employee of a county or continuation schools or district offices you should be eligible as well.

3)CalHERO Teacher Home Loans

CalHERO Teacher home loans

Next on our list is the CalHERO teacher home loan program. Benefits of this program include no income limits, reduced fees from lenders and discounted interest rates. In addition, down payments can be as low as 3.5%. To qualify, your credit score can be as little as 600.

Don’t worry if you have purchased before. This California home loan program is not only for first time home buyers! Moreover, it can also be combined or layered with other assistance programs.

Learn more about the CalHERO Program HERE

4)MyCommunity California Teacher Mortgages

We conclude our list of California home loan options with the MyCommunity Teacher Mortgage (MCTM) program. The MCTM offers California educators access to a low down payment mortgage option.  Additionally, borrowers with this program can benefit from discounted Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and more flexible down payment options.

This program is also not limited to first time home buyers. but does have a household income limit.  The current limit for borrowers is 140% of the county Area Median Income.

National Teacher Home Mortgage Programs

Of course, there are some national programs that you should consider as well.  Be sure to check out our list of the top 4 top teacher home mortgage programs for more home loan options for educators.

Explore Your California Teacher Home Loan Options Today!

In conclusion, when searching for teacher home loans in California do not forget to compare rates and other benefits. Again, our highest recommendation is to start your comparison shopping on LendingTree today HERE.

Written by Beau Mueller

Beau is a teacher, entrepreneur and the founder of The Moneywise Teacher! He started this website to help educators make and save more money.

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