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Best Classroom Projectors

The 8 Best Classroom Projectors of 2020

Projectors are one of the most-used and most-versatile tools in the classroom. From showing movies and PowerPoint slides to using interactive software, there are endless possibilities for all grade levels. If you’re looking for the right projector for you classroom, look no further than our list of eight of the best classroom projectors. These projectors…

The Pros and Cons of Teaching English

The Pros and Cons of Being an English Teacher

Teachers have always been underappreciated and underpaid. Whether you teach preschool or high school, chances are you spend overtime hours planning for your instructional time, yet you likely never get paid overtime. You probably have to purchase materials with your own money as well. Let’s not forget the increasing responsibilities that come with standardized testing,…

best software for teaching online

The 8 Best Software Programs for Online Teaching in 2020

With the ongoing global pandemic, many teachers have suddenly found themselves teaching online for the first time. They’ve also found themselves inundated with ads for various online teaching software, totally overwhelmed by all the platforms, apps, and websites available to them. How do you choose from a never-ending list of software? How do you sift…

Oregon Scientfic Smart Globe Review

Oregon Scientific Smart Globe Guide

Globes have always been a fixture in classrooms across America, both to teach geography and as decoration. Who doesn’t remember finding various countries on a colorful classroom globe? Today’s most educational globes, however, use modern technology to bring to life geography, language, and culture in ways we never could have dream of in elementary school….

Best Professional Bags for Teachers Review

8 of the Best Professional Bags for Teachers

As teachers, we’re used to carrying around multiple bags packed with books, binders, and other supplies. But sometimes we just need that one bag for job interviews and special meetings, something functional but professional. If you’re looking for the best professional bags for teachers, look no further than our list of the eight best! [Please…

Best Classroom Art Drying Racks

The 8 Best Classroom Drying Racks Reviewed

If you’re an art teacher or teach little children, chances are you have lots of random pieces of art drying all over your classroom. So, how do let all of those creations dry without sacrificing otherwise-useful work space? These classroom drying racks are perfect for keeping your little artists’ work safe while they dry! [Please…

Best Wireless Document Cameras

4 of the Very Best Wireless Document Cameras – 2020 Review & Buyer’s Guide

Wireless document cameras are becoming incredibly popular with teachers due to the flexibility they offer.   Teach your  classes in a wide variety of ways and have the freedom to walk around and interact with students.  In this article we review 4 of the very best wireless document cameras currently on the market.  Read on to…

amazon teacher discounts

11 Awesome Amazon Perks for Teachers!

What DID teachers do before Amazon Prime? The delivery and streaming service has been coming to our last-minute, lesson-planning rescue for over a decade. But do you know about ALL of the wonderful Amazon discounts for teachers and freebies perfectly suited for educators? Here we’ll tell you about some of them, but first we have…