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How Can Teachers Make More Money? Here are 10 Ways!

How Can Teachers Make More Money?

Teachers often don’t receive as much compensation as they should. Instead, they frequently get paid less than they could be earning. They also get stuck in the time consuming and unlucrative position to teach. It can be frustrating to be paid little for your talent and education. So, how can teachers make more money? Check out this guide to help you begin to earn more today.

Teachers can earn more money through alternative jobs. If you’re teaching college students or underage students, you’re an expert in your field. You can do a number of different tasks: from freelance writing, selling your lesson plans, making balloon animals, grocery shopping on the weekends, etc. Here’s how you can make the most money, while still enjoying your free time.

Don’t Take Less

Teachers have been underrated educators for decades. Now, more than ever, people should be appreciating how invaluable a teacher’s job is. They have continually been on the front line during the pandemic. Teachers also had to carry the brunt of the load when transitioning to virtual learning.

Top Ten Ways to Earn Extra Cash

1) Freelance Writing

It may seem distressing that your alternative to teaching would be writing. But being a freelance writer gives you the agency to choose your clients and work whatever time you want to. You can also make a lot more money!

Being a freelance writer provides agency, freedom, and additional money if you’re in a tight spot. It can often be fun and rewarding too. On sites such as Upwork you choose jobs that have topics you enjoy.

If you’re talented with Social Media Posts or blogging sites, there are jobs for that too. You set your hourly rate, your schedule, and pick your work: what’s not to love?

2) Balloon Animals/ Dress Up

Balloon Animals - How can teachers make more money?

If you’re a teacher, chances are you can tolerate kids and that you may even like them. As a balloon artist, you can make balloons for children on their birthdays or dress up as their favorite Disney characters! Dressing up as Dora the Explorer or Aladdin is a rewarding job.

You make kids happy for their birthday and the qualifications are easy. You just need enthusiasm and the ability to make simple balloon animals.

There are tutorials on YouTube.

They’ll teach you how to make:

  • dogs
  • cats
  • butterflies
  • hats
  • swan
  • snail
  • octopus
  • swords (crowd favorite)

It also pays at least $100 an hour, while earning tips.

3) Shop for Groceries

Grocery delivery is the new way to get food, since the pandemic began. With people getting sick or being immunocompromised, food delivery drivers are actually lifesavers. If you want solitude and enjoy driving around, this could be the perfect extracurricular job.

Grocery shop through a number of sites:

  • Shipt
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Whole Food Delivery
  • Instacart
  • FreshDirect
  • Grubhub
  • Postmates

Just like with freelancing, you can pick your schedule and drive only when you’re available. You also have the opportunity to earn turns through quick and efficient work, while getting some time outside. Ensure you have good walking shoes and your car maintenance is up-to-date, and this job should be easy and rewarding.

4) Be an Uber or Lyft Driver

Speaking of drivers, if you’re looking for interesting stories on a Friday and Saturday night, this could be the job for you. After the end of the work week, many people are blowing off steam by going downtown to the bar or a restaurant. If they want to get inebriated and or ensure a safe ride home, drivers are there to help them out.

When a rider books a ride, the payment is set before you go. At the end of the ride, they can either leave you a cash tip or virtual one through the app. If you’re a people person, and prefer that to solitude, drivers get to talk to a multitude of passengers.

5) Sell Your Lesson Plans

At any age level, teachers need to have a daily lesson plan. As a professor, they have to be composed online on a site such as webcourses and create syllabi. These different types of lesson plans are valuable.

As a teacher, you know that you’re underpaid. Before even going to classes and starting your salaried position, you need to set up your lesson plans or online tutorials and have them ready to go. You can help out younger and more inexperienced educators by selling your plans for-profit, thereby helping yourself and others.

On sites like classful you can sell your lessons to those that need them.

6) Tutor Online

Tutoring is an excellent choice for college professors. Most Universities and Community Colleges have a reading & writing lab where students go to get extra assistance. Not only is it on campus, it’s also in your professional line of worth. You won’t need to spend any additional time commuting or money on gas.

Also, if you tutor in your field, such as with English, you’re preparing students like yours for upcoming courses. Tutoring only lasts for a few hours a day. So you can connect with the student body, get ideas for your lesson plans, and earn additional income. It’s a great remedy for teachers.

You can also tutor for agencies online, if you prefer to earn extra from home. Some teachers are still opting for virtual work to stay safe, and working from bed is appealing and relaxing.

7) Sell Your Extra Possessions on Ebay

eBay - How Can Teachers Make More Money?

If you’re looking to straighten up your house and earn extra money, there are platforms that can help.

Sites to sell on:

  • Ebay
  • Craigslist
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Letgo
  • Nextdoor

Sell your extra possessions through an easy medium. There are often things around the house that you upgraded, and then kept the extra around. You can sell your extra phone, tv, clothes, or cough. Whatever it may be, there’s a market for it.

It’s a sellers market right now. Resources are scant because of the pandemic, so your trash is another person’s treasure. Don’t sit on your surplus stuff, sell it for profit and declutter your home in the process. Items that are going for more: camping gear, car accessories, bicycles, and gaming consoles.

People have been stuck inside. They want something to do indoors or they want activities outdoors, such as camping. So assist them with your extra equipment, and make some easy extra money.

8) Sell Your Hair

Of course you can also donate your hair to non-profit organizations online. But you can also sell your hair for profit. This helps people who are looking for your particular hair type, whether it is straight, curly, or wavy, and they get to choose a hair that they enjoy.

How to package your hair:

If your hair is over 12 inches long, then you have the opportunity to cut it and sell it. When packing your hair, it needs to be clean, dry, and often needs to be un-dyed. The hair also needs to be tied in four separate sections by hair ties and cut above the elastic band. This ensures your hair stays in a stable place during shipping.

Selling your hair could earn you thousands of dollars. If you need an emergency fund and if you’re interested in helping someone who needs it, consider selling it for profit. Sharing your hair is a good deed and you can experience a new hairstyle in the process.

9) Nannying

As an educator, you’re already in a nannying type of roll. You’re watching people during the day and educating them at the same time. Parents always need an extra hand when their children get home or when they’re back from the holidays.

If you’re able to change a diaper and rock a baby, that’s a huge plus too. Sometimes parents just need a nanny when the kids are going to bed. That’ll give you the opportunity to read or watch tv, while the kids are sleeping, and still get paid for it. Nannying is a nice gig.

Parents are grateful for you taking care of their kids and it’s being a teacher, without the lesson planning. There is also an opportunity for tips.

10) Get a Raise!

If all else fails, you deserve a teaching raise! Asking for an extra bonus or raise would be a great option too. Teachers deserve it all. Don’t let your supervisors treat you like second best.

The workforce is dwindling because under-paid individuals understand that they’re worth more than they’re being paid. Getting a raise will give you the incentive to continue teaching, if it’s what you have a passion for.

Kids can be difficult, and the work day drags when there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. Demanding more for your work is fair and affordable, so take a step towards earning what you deserve.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Earning extra money can seem daunting. But this list of jobs provides easy and high-earning extra pay, while you get to decide your schedule. You don’t need to settle for any less. Earn a living-wage and take the world by storm.

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