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What Can I do with a Teaching Degree Besides Teach? Here’s 15 Job Ideas!

What can I do with a Teaching Degree Besides Teach?

Have you ever considered what you can get out of your education degree besides teaching K-12? Maybe you’re a new teacher who isn’t convinced with your decision, or you haven’t found the right fit, you’re looking to make some extra money, or you’re a veteran who is looking to change things up after many years in the classroom. There are many reasons teacher might want to broaden their options, if this applies to you then we have some good news! If you are asking yourself: what can I do with a teaching degree besides teach?” you’ve come to the right place. It might be tricky, but there are options out there beyond the classroom walls!

What are your Skills?

A good place to start is to ask yourself: What skills do I have? There is more to searching for a new career than your major or degree. What is your passion? What do you excel at? What are your best qualities?

Skills and Qualities of an Effective Teacher:

If you have completed your degree or accumulated any experience in education, then these are only a few talents that will benefit you in other fields as well:

  • Confidence: Everyday educators perform, so to speak. Because of this they must be sure of themselves and transmit this self-confidence to their students.
  • Organization: As a teacher you will need to juggle several different tasks, prepare you lesson plans and activities for each day, and keep track of each student’s progress at the same time, which requires a great deal of organization.
  • Leadership: As an educator you need to establish your authority, both with students and with their families. More than that, however, you will need to use your knowledge and experience to guide teachers and parents in the right direction.
  • Collaboration: In the education field you will need to work as a team with parents as well as your peers every day.
  • Patience: As an educator you will be faced with many inconveniences, including people you might not agree with or students who are struggling. You have entered this field because you have the patience and continue to work on it daily.
  • Dedication: Educators work day in and day out to provide the best results for their students.
  • Communication: As an educator you must communicate effectively with students, peers, and parents through many different methods, both verbal and written.
  • Enthusiasm: Most children, teenagers, and even young adults do not want to be in class, teachers must be enthusiastic in order to draw their students in.
  • Adaptability: In a classroom teachers follow a routine, yet they must adapt their methods constantly depending on the class development or on individual students.

Jobs Outside the Classroom

What can I do with a Teaching Degree Besides Teach - Tutor Online

There are plenty of jobs in the education field that are outside the classroom (or in a different type of classroom) that you can apply for with a teaching degree. The change in pace might be just what you need!

5 Education Jobs Outside of the Classroom

  • Childcare: This can include working in a daycare center or for a family as a nanny. Usually your bachelor’s degree will be enough to procure a job in this field. The average annual salary for childcare workers in the United States is $23,560.
  • Adult Education: This is an umbrella for several jobs including ESL (English as a second), GED, literacy and prison system teachers. While some programs may require a master’s degree, it is possible to find a job with only a bachelor’s degree. The average annual salary for Adult Education Teachers in the United States is $50,770.
  • Tutor: Similar to the requirements it takes to be an educational assistant, to be a tutor only a High School Diploma is required. However, the additional knowledge of a teaching degree or previous experience in a school setting is a great advantage. The average annual salary for a Full Time Private Tutor in the United States is $57,959
  • Homeschool Teacher or Consultant: A homeschool teacher is employed by a family to work with their children at home. A consultant is a specialist who helps families that homeschool their children to choose a curriculum, figure out what style works best on their children, juggle teaching different ages, organize their schedule and tackle any other challenge that might present itself when homeschooling. There isn’t much information about homeschool consultants, but the requirements for both positions depend on the employer and state where you live. In many cases only a High School Diploma is required, but a teaching degree makes you uniquely qualified and will give you an advantage. The average annual salary for homeschool teachers in the United States is $58,000.
  • Online Teacher: If you are already qualified to be a K-12 Teacher, you might enjoy teaching online. The average annual salary for online K-12 teachers is between $33,000 and $58,000.

Jobs Outside the School

What can I do with a Teaching Degree - Write

What if you don’t want to work in education? There are jobs outside of the field of education that your degree and skills might be perfect for, without going back to school!

5 Jobs Outside of the Education Field

  • Management: In some companies, you can find a job in management that is perfect for your organization, communication and leadership skills. The average annual salary for general managers in the United States is $56,736.
  • Human Resources: Some employers might require additional training or education, but it is possible to find jobs in human resources with your teaching degree. The average national salary for entry level HR Generalists is $43,716.
  • Translation and Interpretation: If you are bilingual or a polyglot, this might be just the job for you! Although many translators and interpreters opt to attain a degree in a specific language, the only requirements for most employers is that you have a bachelor’s degree and are fluent in two or more languages. The average annual salary in the United States for translators is $60,118 and for interpreters it is $53,907.
  • Government Work: A degree in education can qualify you to work for a variety of government agencies including Child Protective Services and the Department of Education. The average annual salary for government employees in the United States is. $53,180.
  • Writing: This one is a bit tricky because many employers look for candidates that have a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or a related field. However, you might be great at technical writing or content writing educational content. You could also write freelance or create a blog. The average annual salary for freelance writers is $63,213 and for technical writers it is $58,082.

Going Back to School

What to Do with a Teaching Degree Besides Teach - Going Back to School


There are many jobs out there that would be great for someone with a teaching degree, particularly someone with some experience and the skills this career provides, but that have other requirements. If you are willing to put in the time and work and go back to school, then there are a variety of fulfilling careers in and out of the field of education for you to explore!

5 Jobs with Additional Requirements:

  1. Librarian: This is a wonderful career for avid readers who love learning and working with people and might be well suited for your skills! However, it does require a master’s degree in library science or a similar field. The average annual salary for librarians in the United States is $58,592.
  2. Education Administration: This encompasses several positions including school principal, assistant principal, and superintendent. This is a great alternative for teachers who wants to further their career in the education field. Any job in education administration requires a master’s degree in, preferably in education administration or educational leadership, and many years of experience as an educator. The average annual salary of an education administrator in the United States is $52,855.
  3. School Counselor: To be a school counselor it is required to have a master’s degree in guidance, counseling, counselor education or a similar discipline. The average annual salary for school counselors in the United States is $48,913.
  4. Speech Pathologist: These are experts in communication who diagnose and treat many disorders in children and adults, primary speech and language disorders. This is a field where your patience, organization, and communication skills will pay off! You will need to take courses for subjects such as psychology and language development, and many states require a master’s degree in speech-language pathology. The average annual salary for speech pathologists in the United States is $98,823.
  5. Researcher: If you love to research, learn, and the education field you might consider becoming an education researcher, especially if you are already a veteran teacher. This is a scientific field where you would study education and learning processes, it involves systematically collecting and analyzing data related to the field. It requires years of experience teaching or in educational administration and a doctoral degree. The average annual salary for an assessment and education researcher in the United States is $63,531.

Conclusion – What Can I do with a Teaching Degree Besides Teach?

There is a myriad of jobs out there for teachers looking to broaden their horizons. Whether you are just dipping your toes in or ready to commit to a new career. Whether you are veteran who knows the school system in and out, or a newbie who isn’t sure that teaching in a conventional classroom is the right move for them. There is no shortage of possibilities for you to explore, and your teaching degree will help you every step of the way.

After reading all of this do you want to stick to teaching?  If so, you’ll want to find out what kind of teachers make the most money!

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Written by Andrea Hernaiz

Andrea Hernaiz is a a college student from Miami, Florida who is working towards her A.A. in Teaching Elementary. She spends most of her time teaching introductory and advanced swim lessons for children and toddlers, and writing about education or water safety.

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