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Chevy Teacher Discount – How to Get a $500 Cash Allowance

Chevy Teacher Discount

Chevy is one of the most well-known names in cars in America. With roots in the beginnings of the automobile industry in Detroit, Michigan, it is as synonymous with America as apple pie. While known for trucks, Chevy has a broad line of vehicles, from subcompact to electric cars, and a reputation for quality and dependability that would be tough to beat.

Teachers understand the need for dependability and value. They need a vehicle that they can rely on, but that is affordable, and many turn to Chevy when searching for a new vehicle. Knowing this a lot of teachers ask, does Chevy give teacher discounts?

Please note that we might share a small portion of the sales from the links on this page. We only share teacher discounts that we truly love and recommend. Now on to our summary of the best Chevrolet education discounts

Does Chevy Have a Teacher Discount?

Chevy honors our hard-working teachers by offering them a great discount program. The GM Educator Program offers qualified teachers a very generous $500 cash allowance on select Chevy models. This great program is also stackable with most other current offers leading to huge savings on your next Chevy vehicle. On top of this great program, they offer many other discount programs to help car-buying be more affordable.

How to Get Your Chevy Education Discount

To get your Educator discount, visit their website, and shop eligible Chevy models and offers. Once you’ve selected the vehicle of your dreams, register for your Authorization number.

In order to get an Authorization number for your Educator Discount, you will have to create an account with the website and provide your information. Once you’ve received your Authorization number, take it with you to your local dealer. They will help you finish up the process of buying your new vehicle.

Chevy Teacher Discount – More Recommendations

Along with the Educator Discount Program, and their multitude of regular vehicle offers, Chevy also has other special discount offers that may fit your needs.

Chevy proudly offers discounts to Active Duty Military, Reservists, Veterans (within 3 years of discharge), National Guard, and retirees. This discount includes their spouses and households.

Chevy also has the Chevrolet College Program. This entitled college students, postgrads, and recent grads to cash allowances towards new vehicles.

Chevrolet honors First Responders with a discount program as well. This includes Fire Fighters, EMS/Paramedics, Law Enforcement, 911 Dispatchers, and other qualifying Healthcare Professionals.

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About Chevrolet

Chevy Logo - Education DiscountsChevrolet Motor Company was founded in 1908 in Detroit, Michigan, and has been an automobile staple ever since. Though now a division of GM, Chevrolet, or Chevy is one of the most recognized car brands, not only in America but in most of the world. Known for Quality, Reliability, Dependability, and Affordability, Chevy produces vehicles from small subcompact cars to medium-duty trucks and is making its way to electric cars.

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